Stuffed cheese

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]
  • one wheel of cheese
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • one onion
  • 150 gr mushrooms
  • 300 gr bacon
  • one egg
  • one parsley
  • salt, pepper
  • paprika
[/ingredients] Thinly cut onions, fry in butter, add sliced mushrooms  and  the ​​thin diced bacon. Fry a little all these ingredients . When ready, season with salt,  pepper, paprika and chopped parsley.

After this mixture it cooled, add the egg and mix well.
Picks the cheese wheel inside with a spoon, leaving some thick wall around. Put the cheese on a sheet of aluminum  (because cheese will dress in the aluminum sheet) and fill with the composition.

Wrap the entire wheel in aluminum sheet and place in a bowl with a diameter close to that of cheese.

Bake about an hour to medium heat, when it’s  done remove from oven and let  it cool (but still in foil, without taking it down because the cheese is soft and shape will be ruined  ).

It’s recommended to put it in the fridge and be consummated next day.